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Google unveils “Android Things”: OS for IoT Gadgets

Rabia Iqbal Jan 02, 2017
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Google has unveiled “Android Things”, a new platform for IoT tools. This platform facilitates users to build connected devices for a diversity of patrons. This OS will also be a support for industrial applications by providing ascendancy to the existing Android development tools, APIs and other resources.

Google is also working for the devices to connect to Google services for setup and the internal communication between the gadgets.  The IoT communication platform is known as Weave, this has already been used by many other smart devices.

“Android Things” is also giving you the flair to develop the framework that provides you low level I/O and libraries with confidential security.

The projects can be migrated to the new platform by the support of the company which provides you with the supported hardware development kit to build the new products either.


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