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Forefront features in WhatsApp: Edit your images and change your videos to GIF

Rabia Iqbal Jan 02, 2017
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Good news for the WhatsApp users, WhatsApp has been furnished with two new features

Instead of first cropping and editing your pictures and then uploading them to the WhatsApp, now you can edit them inside WhatsApp, you can also add text in the image and give a suitable caption to your pictures along with this you can add different emoji to the picture also.

Another new and alluring features has also been added to the WhatsApp that coverts your videos to the GIF. To avail this feature you need to first press the record button for 6 seconds in WhatsApp after that an option for converting short videos to GIF will appear on the screen.

With the help of this feature you can also convert different screenshots into GIF images and can share them on your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp groups.

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