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Six Battery Saving inklings

Rabia Iqbal Dec 29, 2016
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The need of modern era, the smart phone is handicapped without the satisfactory battery timing. Here are some tips which can help you increase the battery timing of your smartphone.

  1. Short Display Timing
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi/ Data Connection
  3. Turn off GPS
  4. Don’t Start up your smartphone again and again
  5. Turn off extra running apps
  6. Turn off the notifications


Short Display Timing:


Screen Timeout

Keep the display timing of your smartphone very short. The lowest display timing and less brightness will save your smartphone’s battery. It should be kept to 15 to 30 seconds.


Turn off Wi-Fi/ Data Connection:

Wi-Fi and Data Connection Settings

Wi-Fi and Data Connection Settings

When Wi-Fi and Data Connection are not in use, keep them off. This will prevent the battery of your smartphone from dying off swiftly.


Turn off GPS:

GPS Setting

GPS Setting

The Global Positioning System keeps tracking your exact location by the help off satellites which consumes much power. Turning the GPS off will increase the battery timing of the smartphone.


Don’t start up your smartphone again and again:



Switching your smartphone off and turning it on again consumes a lot of energy which diminish the battery timing fast.


Turn off Extra Running Apps:

Stop Extra Running Apps

Stop Extra Running Apps


In android smartphones there are extra apps that keep on running all the time. These running apps cause the battery die soon. By turning them off the battery timing can be proliferated.


Turn off unnecessary Notifications:


Unnecessary Notifications

In smartphones, you keep on getting the notifications about the apps, this also cause the charging of the smartphone lessen comparatively soon. By turning off these notifications you can save the battery timing.

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