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Programming Fervor: Muhammad Raza, the incredible Pakistani programmer

Rabia Iqbal Dec 27, 2016
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Muhammad Raza is a pre-teen age boy, who fathoms that how to code. Muhammad Raza has great passions for coding from the day when his father’s friend introduced him programming. He downloaded some programming languages like GW Basic, C language and later on the YouTube tutorials and several other means helped him in learning much more about the programming.

Muhammad Raza is also assisting in the development of many software for catching the most sought delinquents. He is also helping in the manufacture of many language prognosticators.

Muhammad Raza was only 9 years old when his family was shifted to Lahore where his father started a new printing business but that was not proved to be advantageous for them. The business crisis caused hitches for Muhammad Raza to endure his education.  Around these days Muhammad Raza was introduced to an ITU member, Talha Rahmani.

Talha Rehmani was impressed by the boy when he noticed that the boy has some special guts about coding. Talha Rehmani has kept him as a research assistant since half a year.

Talha Rehmani said that Muhammad Raza knew much about programming but he felt some difficulties in understanding the mathematics of explicit coding but he understood the algorithms quickly when he was explained.

Dr Agha said that Muhammad Raza possesses a healthy and an intelligent mind that makes him curious to ask questions.

Muhammad Raza has also developed an Urdu words predictor by using 50,000 word quantity. This predictor gives a list of possible words after typing 1st one or two letters. Last year, he established a Vision Based System with facial recognition proficiencies. He is an active partaker of yearly Robotics demonstration.

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