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Circulating sprightly: Pakistan’s “Chaiwala” sojourns in Dubai for the inauguration of movie

Rabia Iqbal Dec 25, 2016
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The overnight fame of 18 years old tea-seller, Arshad Khan spread all around the world. The enticing blue-eyes made him illustrious and the center of attention for the media. His fame began from a shot of him while pouring tea.

Arshad who didn’t even owned a mobile and was unaware of the social media has freaked the world and has been included among “Asia’s 50 handsome men”.


Since his fame, Arshad has propertied many modeling preps and has become a part of film industry.

It is reported that he will also be appearing in a film entitled “Kabeer”. He will be performing the role of hero’s brother as he mentioned according to a report. He also declared that he will soon travel to Dubai and England for his first appearance in film project.

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