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Asif Zardari returned back to Pakistan

Rabia Iqbal Dec 25, 2016
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The former president of Pakistan and the co-chairman of PPP attained back to Pakistan after 18 months of voluntarily enforced deportee.

According to the sources, he arrived at Jinnah terminal Karachi, Pakistan at 3:30 PM where he addressed the mob that was waiting inquisitively for his arrival. He said that the warm welcome by the mass reminded him the day when Benazir Bhutto returned back to the Pakistan after a long exile.

He encouraged the enthusiasm of the party workers by his flamboyant speech.

Before addressing the people he chanted the slogan “Jiye Bhutto”.

He further said that the masses and the armed force has secured the country, even

though there are still some glitches at eastern and western borders, and the anxiety

in Kashmir to be resolved. He claimed that he hopes that the power of people will upswing again in Pakistan.

He said that those political thespians who thought that he has escaped from the

country should not forget that he is Bhutto and Bhuttos live and die in this realm.

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