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Pakistan Stood Among Maximal 5 Countries Utmost Influenced by Terrorism

Rabia Iqbal Dec 23, 2016
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Pakistan has been mentioned as one of the 5 uttermost countries that are greatly influenced by terrorism.

Taking annual report of the world, GTI (Global Terrorism Index) announced Pakistan to be the fourth country that has uttermost affects of the terrorism.

The top most terrorism stricken countries include:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

Iraq was assigned the first rank in the list of highly distressed coutries that has extreme sways of terrorism, then Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria were ranked respectively.

Let’s have a glance on the annual report of Global Terrorism Index:

Each country has been rated out of 10 to show the impacts of terrorism. The comprehensive study of GTI revealed the following results:


GTI conclusion graph.

The country with terror rating 10 positions to have the worst impacts of terrorism and the country with 1 terror rating shows the least impacts of terrorism. Iraq has been rated with 10 out of 10 that shows its nastiest status in case of terrorism influences, it has highly been influenced by the terror attacks. All these top five countries has been affected to the worst conceivable notch of terrorism.

While India was ranked to be the 6th most terror affected country with the rating of 7.75 and Yemen stood 7th with the rating of 7.64.

The Middle East and Africa has always been victimized by the terrorists that has thrown innocent masses to the death. It was revealed that about 78 percent of terrorism related deaths all over the globe belonged to the Middle East and Africa. These social commotions were controlled by the militants in Pakistan at some extents that brought a decline in the terrorism.


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