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Charismatic Window Stain Remover

Rabia Iqbal Dec 23, 2016
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Are you worried about cleaning the outlying parts of your windows?

The perturbing is over now, Tyroler brings here a first-hand tool to remove the tinges from outlaying parts of the window while staying inside.


The Glider


It cleans both sides of the windows simultaneously and gives a new smooth and radiant look to the glass of the windows.



It contains the high quality microfibers that confiscates the spots from the muddy and murky windows.

It provides an easy and simple way to remove the tints from those parts of the window where it is grim to reach.

It holds the quality magnet that will not diminish or dwindle.

It is very to use and leaves your windows stain free.

It is available in three versions according to the thickness and varnishing of the windows.

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