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The future is here: People free Restaurant

Amna Ansar Dec 18, 2016
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It comes as a surprise, but seriously speaking this is what seems to be the future of the restaurant industry. A place where devices and automated machines do all the work, without much human interaction. The change comes as an innovation by a New York based restaurant Eatsa that serves mainly vegetarian dishes, revolutionizing the food industry with a server/ waiter free environment. The customers walk into the restaurant and go through a series of automated machines to place their orders and select the seating arrangement.


The restaurant currently has a few people who oversee the change management at the new restaurant. These people help and support people coming in to make use of the technology and to better enhance their overall experience.
The idea is to offer fresh, convenient and economical food to its customers without them having to divert their attention from the foods. So while at this restaurant you will be by yourself after placing the order, no one to bother you or push you to buy “relate” stuff as happens at restaurants.


The innovation at Eatsa may seem absurd to few, but it is definitely a game changer in the busy and crowded life for NYC residents. It offers a breath of fresh air for people who want to have their meals without having to speak to servers or waiters. But do you think such a restaurant is setting the right benchmark and should this system flourish, so as to end the table waiting system? Tell us in the comments below.

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