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5 best Countries to chill in 2017!

Kamran Khatti Dec 10, 2016
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Since we are heading towards the end of 2016, it gets important for every crazy photographer and every-year-traveler to know keenly about the 5 best places he can hop to with family, friends or alone. Therefore, just scroll down to know the interesting countries you might want to add on to your list!


France is that one place on which every traveler, couple relies on. Not only this, France according to the statistics of 2016 is a must-to-visit! City in the rise of France is Bordeaux, which is on the hype because of its wide and popular wine culture enriching with the old mansions and creative architectural buildings. The neoclassical architecture of historic buildings here is not to be missed, I repeat not to be missed!


In South Africa, Cape town is desired to be visited by every traveler. In the past few years, it is growing rapidly because of the vast experiencing it is offering. Be it a cultural heritage or wine and dine, it has its own delight and colour! The wine estates and museums are the pride of Cape Town, with its cable cars giving a breathtaking view!


USA is more than just Hollywood. USA’s great and scenic beaches, and vibrant cultural enhances the nightlife with pop pubs and high-fy restaurants! With the new metro expansion its feasible to move around the city and between the high cliffs of Santa Monica too.


Mexico is located in Peninsula, the most happening place for a traveler. Its rich heritage is the biggest attraction of all times. In Mexico, Merida is that one place which is known for its culture. Mostly the people who are fond of great culture and history are tend to visit Merida more. Merida is ready to put forward its step in 2017, with the fantastic events and lively programs. Though, its already famous for its live art, musical functions, and thrilling dance performances but its still the safest place you should note down!


Pistoia in Italy is known for its driving dynamic high culture. It is pretty evident in the niche of architecture, and decoration of its breathtaking Churches all around the city which are beautifully decorated like its Christmas everyday. Although its a small town, but the intensity of joy and liveliness is catch throwing and unforgettable. This is the most 2017 which is yet to discovered!

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