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TPL Maps introduces Pakistan’s First Urdu Digital Maps

Amna Ansar Aug 19, 2017
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Pakisatan’s first Digital mapping solution, TPL maps has released its new update with feature of “TPL Maps Urdu.” The latest update will ease users as the mapping service will noe be available in national language of Pakistan “Urdu”.

TPL Maps keep on offering innovative and reliable services to its users. Now with its latest release, Maps are approachable in Urdu for smartphone users across the world.

The features and solutions in national language will be helpful to the users at the great extent.

Characteristics of TPL Maps Urdu:

                With updated maps, users will be able to see the name of city, localities, roads, public parks, hospitals, and schools in their national language Urdu.

How to access the feature:

                To enable feature, users have to go to the app menu in their device and select Urdu as their preferred language.

Uses of TPL Maps Urdu:

                The newly updated feature can be customized into Banks, FMCGs, ride-hailing services, and other manufacturers. Moreover, Urdu Maps feature can aid businessmen to build their personal digital maps which can be used within their own products. Moreover, SME segment can offer services in Urdu language.

Head of TPL Maps, Adeel Hashmi said, “Considering the literacy level in the country and the increasing usage of smartphone, we have been working on Urdu maps for consumers over the past few months. This is the first step towards Urdu adoption and we have many more local languages features coming soon to TPL Maps. We are confident that Urdu Maps will enable the masses to navigate with even more convenience via our TPL Maps.”

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