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Rate of teenage suicides increasing in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Jun 11, 2017
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Teenage is well known as the most fun and carefree time, but the situation varies from person to person. It is assumed that most of the people have to face disturbing teenage due to which Human Rights omission of Pakistan concluded a survey across Pakistan and found out that suicide rates among teenagers have been increased. In 2011, almost 2131 teenagers committed suicide, and almost daily 3 or 4 cases of suicide attempts are confronted in Karachi.

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The question arises that why youngsters are facing so much trouble during their teens. The factors vary according to psychologists such as depression is severe of all. It is an undiagnosed situation, which has covered the entire country. It is because of the lack of available opportunities in the country, constant bullying at schools or various institutions, as well as lack of social skills, leads to increase in suicide attempts.

Academic pressure is also one of the reason. When any child is unable to fulfill his family’s expectation; it leads to emotional distress and constant depression. Moral support and lack of communication also allow an individual to feel helpless and isolated. So it is not hard for a teenager to go through a trauma, at least all we can do is to treat everyone with kindness especially to handle the matters f teenagers with delicacy. The concerned authorities must need to work on the issue.

Various seminars or self-grooming workshops will help to build confidence and allows teenagers to avail the opportunity to become social.

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