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Gun toys seized all over Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Jun 11, 2017
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Recently police arrested Twenty-two shopkeepers and various toys traders for selling the toy guns. The distribution of the toy guns is banned all over the country. Police raids continue in different areas of Karachi city, and Sindh Province has imposed a strict ban on the sale of gun toys for two months. The raids started on Saturday in Chakiwara, and Bolton Market, as well as thousands of guns toys, were seized.

Many shopkeepers were arrested in this regard. Officials reported that police had received reports that the toy guns are used by many street criminals to threat the public for crimes especially while snatching mobile phones.

As Eid- ul-Fitr is around the corner, the sale of toy guns will be increased among the children, and they prefer to play with these toys, which lead to injury and serious incidents. Nowadays toy guns have become a public nuisance.

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