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Ambitious Chinese are learning Urdu to avail opportunities

Faryal Nadeem Jun 09, 2017
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Urdu language proves to be very challenging and hard for other natives, but the number of Chinese students learning Urdu is increasing. Chinese are very determined to learn and to avail the anticipating opportunities offered by Chinese companies that help to carry out development projects in Pakistan under the CPEC project.

The history of Urdu language is detailed. The establishment of Urdu Language Department at Peking University in 1951. The universities in the Chinese cities of Guangzhou and Xian will also set up the Urdu departments.

Beijing Foreign Studies University is teaching Urdu since 2007 and will have two batches of the students who will complete the degree from School of Asian and African Studies Urdu Departments Head Zhou Yuan on Thursday.

Many of the students got admissions on scholarships in the leading foreign universities for higher education while most of the joined various companies. The 3rd batch of 20 students is trying hard to learn the language.

BFSU will send the students to National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, and GCU Lahore for six months during the 3rd year of studies. This will let them avail better chance to improve the writing and speaking skills.

University will get financial support from Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, Zhou Yuan (Nasreen) and Pakistan Government. It was informed that besides teaching Urdu language to the students, university would organize competitions of Urdu calligraphy, cultural activities and speech contest to make the students well aware of Pakistan and people.

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Yuan Yuhang (Shabnam) is teaching Urdu at University from one last year. She quits her job from a bank. The various activities will not increase interest in learning Urdu language but enhance the standard of the language among Chinese Students.

Most of the Chinese students are learning the language at universities and institutes all around the country. Now Chinese own a vigilant reason to learn Urdu language. Most of the people are inspired by Pakistan food, landscape, and culture while mostly, people are romanced by the beauty of language. Learning Urdu Language will pave the way for Chinese companies to carry out different projects under CPEC framework.

With the increasing demand, many universities in Kunming, Inner Mongolia, Urumqi, Tianjia and Shanghai consider to set up Urdu departments. The Urdu department in the university owns a batch of 20 Chinese students. Chinese students are attracted by prospect of an affordable education and job. While mostly hopes to get a job with a Chinese company in Pakistan. Many aims to join further studies in foreign countries and to avail a chance of good jobs in different Chinese universities, hotels, banks, airlines and diplomatic service.

There is a Chinese student with a Pakistani name Rabia said that she intends to be an Urdu teacher after completing her study and mentioned that I am passionate to learn the Urdu language and teach the language to deep-rooted friendly country or countrymen.

A student Zhang Yi (Afia) is also very much interested in the beautiful language and admits that it is difficult to learn the language. She wants to learn about Pakistani culture and traditions. Chinese students Mehrin, Alizeh, and Mehtab, mentioned their interest in learning Urdu language and vowed to play a role in enhancing the economic cooperation. Moosa, Junaid, and Amer are also learning the language to promote cultural values that make easy for them to contact with people.

The number of students is increasing with time because job opportunities for the Chinese who speak good Urdu are in demand. The ties between Pakistan and China is changing and mean more employment opportunities.

The interest in learning Urdu language in increasing around China. A new batch will soon be launched as concluded by Zhou Yuan.

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