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Debate between participant turns heat on Sahir Lodhi: Check latest video

Faryal Nadeem Jun 02, 2017
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You might be well aware of the ridiculousness happened at the Sahir Lodhi show by himself. During the participant’s speech in the Ramadan show, Sahir Lodhi interrupted her and busted into a rage, which raises eyebrows. However, he tried his best to defend his act, but his anger went viral.

Now it is the turn of the participant to show her anger on the matter, and she posted a video on social media. Saba then completed the poem and said that

I  will continue my speech from where I interrupted. Before I say anything about video went viral, I want to finish the poem on which I was accused of challenging the founder of the nation.

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Saba began and clarified what was written by her and it no way insulted Jinnah.

She added that I hope I am successful in clarifying the doubts of those who thought that was challenging Quaid. I am incredibly grateful to the people who supported and stood by me. We are a nation who raise voice against injustice, which points their rights from their wrongs.

Saba asserted that Instead of apologizing for the way Sahir Lodhi spoke to me or belittling a female on TV live, especially during a debate when he misleads the point entirely. I am boycotting the Sahir Lodhi show. If voice is suppressed once, it can be suppressed again in the show. However, it I am not boycotting the debate because it is my passion. I will not stop and here`s where I start again.

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