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Zong launches 4G Awareness Program all over Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem May 30, 2017
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Zong 4G is Pakistan`s leading Telecom company which is successful in marking their journey all of the provinces. The company has taken the initiative to spread 4G internet awareness all over the country. The activity is taken nationwide in several various locations with the title of NEW HOPE that is delivered in all universities, colleges, and Schools covering people of almost all ages.

The Pakistan leading telecom service showed the desire of this activity to revolutionize the digital landscape of Pakistan, which Zong expresses through the brand tagline A NEW DREAM. The activity was to show the development of a 4G ecosystem in Pakistan which will undoubtedly revolutionize the Pakistan`s global outlook and economic progression.

The session of the awareness program includes the technological vision and the futuristic outlook of Zong`s parent company China Mobile. It focuses on the areas where 4G will empower and help the youth of Pakistan for new business startups, job creation, easy to access information and the connectivity to online platforms, which will facilitate almost everyone.

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4G technology will be pivotal in improving the overall Law and Order situation that significantly influence the functioning of governmental bodies and the interaction with public. It shed light on how 4G will help to take Pakistani products that are available at international markets through e-commerce and bring in revenue for country especially for flung areas where local trade was difficult to practice because of inaccessible physical terrain.

ITU mentioned in a report that Pakistan owns lowest internet penetration in the world. However, the Zong`s initiative will spread awareness for the utility and need of 4G internet in country. The company is taking measures to upgrade than the network to provide more coverage, and by the end of the year, the additional investment will exceed to $200 million with the pledge to improve the system 100%.

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