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Read How Ugliest woman in the world shares her story that makes her beautiful

Faryal Nadeem May 30, 2017
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The World's Ugliest Woman

Meet the World's Ugliest Woman, read her complete story:

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎‎‏ في 30 مايو، 2017

Yes, we can understand the consequences when people in society do not accept anyone and replies on the post that HOLE on Facebook will seem rude or even ironic in anyone`s self-esteem. Is it because most of the commenters do not think before commenting. Lizzie Velasquez, ten years ago; learn to redefine the beauty, which means after seeing a video of herself and observing the comments, which left the internet, trolls beneath.

It is not easy to be featured in the YouTube video, which is called as the ugliest woman in the world. Velasquez did not pull her teenage self from comments section until she keeps on reading comments in the section, which were full of negativity. It was a time when she decided that negative comments won’t destroy her personality. The brave teenager told in the comment section that

I was so desperate to find one person that was standing up for me. And I never found it.

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Lizzie is a girl who was born with a rare disease known as a neonatal progeroid syndrome in which growth is stunted and influence bones, heart and eyes. The disease has a high mortality rate, which affects the infants making it past seven months. According to National Institutes of Health, people suffering from such diseases could not make till teens or early 20s, but Lizzie makes it.

Lizzie weighs 2 pounds and 10 ounces during her birth. Doctors took a picture of her to show Lizzie parents to prepare them, but her size never bothered them. Parents loved her daughter and welcomed her in their lives with the support and love that they can give to her. It was due to the love of her parents and their support, which urges them to be a motivational speaker and author. She is now confident enough to deal with the awful internet trolls by sharing her story that is truly inspirational.

So watch the latest video of Lizzie Velasquez, in which she shared her story and giving an answer to the comments that made her feel awful. It was a time when she realized her beauty and make her feel beautiful just the way she is. Check it out.

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