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Samsung will be the first one to reveal stretchable display

Faryal Nadeem May 24, 2017
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Technology giant company Samsung has unveiled an innovative and amazing display, which aims to provide a diehard glimpse of future, and will cater the need of customers in upcoming years.

The concept is truly a groundbreaking step in the field of technology where it makes impossible to smash the screens of smartphones.

Samsung will soon showcase the new super flexible display which will be OLED. The screen will be displayed in the US at a technology fair. One of the coolest thing about the amazing new technology gadget is that it owns the ability to bend at least 12 millimeters in both directions.

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The company sources revealed that display would help to maintain a high degree of resolution despite if being flexed. Some of the images have already been released which depicts that display is swelling up after applying pressure.

The rumors are everywhere that the new technology device will pop up on almost everything from phones to cars and even wearable’s.

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