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Pakistani Media illegitimately silent after the massive destruction at Bahria Town Islamabad

Faryal Nadeem May 09, 2017
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The massive destruction and incident took place on 28th April which is more than 10 days back; a famous TV show was hosted for recording at Bahria Town Islamabad known as EIDI SAB KEY LIYE BY FIZA ALI. During the recording, the holding stands collapsed, and many people are injured. One woman on the spot was badly injured. However, until now media is not reporting either showed any news from media. Even the famous news channel GEO kept silence and same as ARY.

However, The Nation published the narration of one victim

I’m the human you left behind in the wreckage at Bahria Enclave.

… The “improbable” happened. The stalls beneath us collapsed like a house of cards, through a height roughly the equivalent of two and a half floors. In the first 10 seconds following the incident, we were too dazed to notice anything but the sudden change of scenery in our immediate vicinity; from a stepped structure with seats bolted into it, to flat wreckage on the ground.

It took us a moment to acknowledge our injuries our bleeding feet, our bruised skin, our misshapen limbs. Our first instinct was to cry out for help to those around us. That was until we realized that everyone around us was struggling through the same wreckage that we were…

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The media is criminally involved in the matter because they kept silent for so many days. It is just because Malik Riaz is a rich man and can handle every situation with his money. The following letter confirmed that the incident took place and the video clearly showed the situation. Pakistani people are unaware of the situation and never saw the news on TV. So spread the word. Fiza Ali has given Eidi to everyone with the bruised skin, bleeding feet and twisted limbs.