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MIT Enterprise launches six weeks startup school

Faryal Nadeem Apr 28, 2017
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The MIT Enterprise have launched a six-week startup school which is accompanied with complete resources as well as tools to provide better learning. The resources are enough for the startup needs. The MIT Enterprise Forum is affiliated with MIT (Massachusettes Institute of Technology). The director of PlanX MITEFP Hafsa Shorish has told that the startup school is a great beginning. The humble effort will create an environment where people would get a chance to learn from each other and will evolve to build a community with the strong urge. She mentioned that “We hope to nurture a mindset of learning with utmost transparency.”

It is true that startup founders need to invest energy as well as time to fully establish themselves. The initiative helps to encourage and empower to perform better professionally and personally.

The trainers comprise of different industry expert for startup school while the real stars contribute to expertise voluntarily. Hafsa view was that MITEFP school startup is launched with an aim to equip and educate the aspiring as well as the existing entrepreneurs with the updated knowledge. They will get a chance to polish their skills.

She added that running a startup is not an easy task. According to research, atleast 60% of new business ventures get a chance to survive in the first year while hardly 10% can sustain in upcoming years.

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The lack of sustainability is mainly because of the lack of knowledge and the inability will respond according to the market demands, technological changes as well as consumer preferences. With a blend of offline learning and online teaching, such startups are well suited in Pakistan, and necessary tools are required for the talented youth to become better entrepreneurs.

From team building, communication skills, marketing tools and business strategies, the startup will train every possible insight from industry experience to ensure to make the most of the rigorous program. The young entrepreneurial community benefits the startup school and act as a trigger to inspire other to adopt entrepreneurship as a career and deal with the issues like unemployment in the society. Startup school provide entrepreneurs with amazing strategies, which allow them to navigate the world by industry experts who will bring experience through the curated curriculum.

To register for the startup school, you need to submit application before 28th May 2017. However the nominal fee for the applicant is Rs. 2500 especially those who wants to attend. The Fee needs to be paid by Friday 5th May 2017.

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