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Self-driving car technology launched by Baidu Incorporation

Faryal Nadeem Apr 20, 2017
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On Tuesday, Baidu Inc. has launched its self-driving car technology which will be operated in the controlled environment in July. The work on the car is still under process. However, the fully autonomous car owns the fantastic driving capabilities and will hit the city roads and highways by 2020.

The name of the project is Apollo, which will start after the lunar landing program. The program will work along with the partners who provide sensors, vehicles and various components for new technology. The primary purpose of introducing this car I to push the artificial intelligence. In January, the position of Former Microsoft Corp executive got the title of Chief Operating Officer named as Qi Lu.

Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew NG have led artificial intelligence and the AR projects. The company launched a fund of $200 million in October and focused on AR, AI and the deep learning, which is followed by the fund of $3 billion, announced last year in September.

Qi said in a statement that AI own potential even to drive social development, and the biggest opportunities can easily be achieved by introducing these intelligent vehicles.

While in November, German and Baidu automaker BMW AG told that they had a joint research on the self-driving cars to overcome the hurdles together on how to proceed.

Cars of the future will be capable of driving themselves and will undoubtedly revolutionize the transportation industry. All of the manufacturers of the self-driving car maker and the companies such as Alphabets Google and parts supplier Delphi invested heavily in developing the technology.

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