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Facebook will weed out fake accounts soon

Faryal Nadeem Apr 13, 2017
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On Wednesday, Facebook stated that it is working on to weed out the fake or bogus accounts by watching the behavior of the accounts. The suspicious behavior such as repetitive posts, posts about torrents, messages activity or not presence on Facebook will be marked as fake account and will be removed.

The security measures and the improvement will make a broader effort to get rid of leading social network of hoaxes, fake news and misinformation.

According to Facebook, they have observed the patterns of people who represent themselves on Facebook same as they are in real life. They do try to act responsibly on this giant social platform. While all of the fake accounts do not follow such pattern and try to spread spam. The Shabnam Shaik has recognized the pattern, who is the Facebook protect and care team member.

Any account, which is suspected to be bogus or fake, will be immediately deleted, or otherwise, the users have to verify their identities, which scammers do not do. The latest security measure has taken place in France and resulted in 30,000 accounts to be faked. However, Shaik added that improvements had been made to recognize the inauthenticity of the accounts and the patterns helps to identify the activity more easily without assessing the content.

With these changes, Facebook will be able to reduce the inauthentic activity including misinformation, spam, or other deceptive content, which is shared by the creators of false accounts.

Facebook have provided an option of the report to the users so that such fake accounts will be reported  and harder to make money from them. The social platform has also modified its displays of trending topics to capture the broader range of one, to find the stories faster and help the user to ensure that trends will reflect real world events, which are covered by multiple news outlets.

The Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg have deflected criticism, and the vast social network has been used to fuel the spread of misinformation, which affected the 2016 US presidential race. Last week Facebook unveiled the new tool used to fight REVENGE PORN at the social network. The REVENGE PORN will be accessed or use on various messaging services INSTAGRAM and MESSENGER.

After sharing the intimate images on Facebook with permission of the user, they can be reported, confirmed and even removed. The company will take action by using the photo matching technology to prevent copies from being shared again on the platform.

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