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NSA is using cyber weapons to hack Pakistan’s mobile system: WikiLeaks

Amna Ansar Apr 10, 2017
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News about the involvement of American National Security Agency (NSA) is roaming since WikiLeaks revealed it.

According to WikiLeaks NSA is using cyber weapons to hack the Pakistani mobile system. WikiLeaks revealed the news through a tweet.

NSA is involved in global monitoring and processing of data for foreign intelligence in the USA.

According to a tweet by WikiLeaks, a hacker group “Shadow Brokers” released a number of encrypted files.

NSA is monitoring many of IP addresses in the Pakistan. Another information revealed claims that agency has also accessed the private and public networks of many other countries in the world.

“xorz” on twitter uploaded a decrypted files on Github confirmed that NSA operators have access to the GSM network of Pakistan’s famous network Mobilink.

The information released confirms that Pakistani networks are being spied US agencies.

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