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Police culture will be transformed by using the Tech app: Local Eye

Faryal Nadeem Apr 08, 2017
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The police structure in Pakistan, mainly in Sindh and Punjab is based on the close cooperation between the bureaucracy and the political elite. The police department is the institution or a tool, which ensures to bring sustainability. However, due to the constant absence of democratic continuity, the presence of feudal cultural values was perceived as the organization essential for the survival of any government.

After the enactment of Police Order 2002-, the act is legislated by a military dictator to reform the culture of police. This will bring a profound change in the principle objectives of Pakistani Police. The law also paved the way for collaboration between the department and community because of the establishment of public safety commission. The institution promulgated democratic accountability in Pakistan. Later on, the provinces were given rights to legislate their laws.

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Finally, the police of Lahore, which is the most populous city, have decided to bring efficiency in their performance. To enhance the credibility, the Department acknowledges the importance of IT in police reforms. Rana Ayyaz Saleem, the Lahore Police administration head, and the Senior Superintendent aid that “we have developed an application which is named as Local Eye. The app will provide assistance from the local IT firm to develop a well-established coordination between the local bodies to our officials”.

The amazing application will provide an opportunity to the elected representatives to inform the Police about any suspicious activity. The local officials will be contacted on any concerned matter, and the lodge will be reported quickly. The app will facilitate the officials especially in the anti-terrorism operations, which will improve the process of rental registration. The brainstorming idea was by Mr. Ayyaz Saleem. Mr. Ayyaz Saleem is well known as the torchbearer of police community in the country. He is the technical assistance by renowned IT professional Khurram Qaiser.

The local bodies’ representative, various IT professionals, and the Department officials attended the launching event of the application LOCAL EYE in Lahore Engineering University. The application can be accessed or downloaded easily on the Android smartphones. The app will ensure to bring accountability to people to settle the personal grievance against individuals. It is termed as the small and initial step towards the development and fundamental reforms in the Police Department. It is surely a game changer to begin in the right direction.

The dependency on the technology department is increased especially under the command of IGP Mushtaq Sukhera and DIG Dr. Haider Ashraf. Police must need to take steps and measures to enhance the trust of people. With time, the department and the administration will undoubtedly improve especially in the major provinces like Lahore and Sindh.

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