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Women “Pink taxis” to hit the streets of Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 24, 2017
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Karachi—The app-based service for the women will allow the female passengers to travel without the fear of being harassed by male drivers. Women in Pakistan commercial hub will set to ride the taxis, which will be driven by women. It will be a great initiative, which helps to protect the female customers from being harassed sexually. It is common for women to face the sexual harassment in the bazaars or while waiting for the bus at the bus stop. However, from Thursday, the women cabs have started its service called as Pink Taxi. The service is accessible by phone; SMS via a mobile app. Ambreen Sheikh has taken the initiative to launch the service with her husband, Zahid Sheikh.

They told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that the female drivers wear a pink scarf and black coat as uniform while driving the car. The drivers include homemakers, students, and young women.

Karachi owns the population of 20 million people, and most of the female have experienced sexual harassment in any form while choosing public transport.

Noor Jehan is the Pink Taxi driver, who first worked as a house cleaner and then work as a female driver for her female employer said that this service is much appreciated. Women will prefer to ride with female drivers and will think thrice before getting into a vehicle driven by a man.

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It is true that majority of women belong to conservative thinking and they may not participate in such a workforce because of the transportation obstacles.

The Minister of Sindh Transport Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that women in Karachi face more harassment while using public transport. So having a mode of public transport, which will cater them alone, will surely, solve many related issues. However, Zebuisa Burki who is the Karachi-based journalist told in her report that most women in the city are not able to afford taxis.

This great venture will cater a large number of working women who work daily. The service will undoubtedly extend to the major cities of Punjab including Lahore and Islamabad in the upcoming months.

Kainat Chaudhary who is a content writer for an IT firm in Lahore said that she uses auto rickshaws daily. However, it is very inconvenient for a woman to sit in a taxi which is driven by a male driver and start a casual conservation without the fear of being mistaken.

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