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Met Chief: Pakistan must grow forests and build more dams to handle climate change

Faryal Nadeem Mar 24, 2017
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Karachi—Pakistan will only counter the growing threat of climate change if more dams are built and more forests are grown stated by Dr. Ghulam Rasul, the Director General of Pakistan Meteorological Department. While speaking to the media, he said that programs would be held to mark the World Meteorological Day at Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics on Thursday.

He mentioned that “Right now the country owns less water storing capacity which needs to be enhanced by the properly maintaining the existing reservoirs and by building more dams. This will assist the country from recurring floods and help us to meet the electricity and water requirements.”

It is true that forests are the precious asset and it is wise to invest in trees because planting trees means investing in human life and making the survival easier.  The benefits are countless because it helps to reduce temperature by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon and preventing floods. However, rain will increase, and trees will provide an ecosystem that will provide food for animals and birds. However the process of planting trees will take some time, but after proper plantation, the impact of the trees will be truely tremendous.

He had observed that the period of the spring season is reduced while summers remain for a longer time.

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He said that “we are experiencing long summers and delayed winter. The snowfall period has also shifted from December-February to February-March. But this year the snowfall was in January which will replenish our resources as snow will melt at the end of April. However, snowfall lasted for at least a month. ”

The heatwave in Karachi was not predicted too early, but high variability in weather trends has been observed. The PMD will sign accords with Oman and France, which will help to strengthen the weather forecast and early warning systems. The proposal says that old radars will be replaced and new ones will be installed by establishing the automatic and innovative weather stations.

However, talking about the smog, this winter prolonged period has being experienced. While pollution is the main issue and Pakistan will take this issue at international forums. Research indicates that pollution will inevitably proceed from country to country. Pakistan weather will be warmed at the 1.16-degree centigrade that is more than a global warming trend.

Modern gadgets have replaced many instruments in the Meteorological department.

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