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Apple Store website got down after the launch of red iPhone

Faryal Nadeem Mar 24, 2017
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The Apple Store website got offline as Apple prepares to start selling the special edition new iPad and iPhone in red series. Apple announced these new gadgets on Tuesday. The products include a low-cost iPad and amazing new phone cases, but the main attraction was red iPhone 7.

The device is a part of Apple`s partnership with the RED organization. From each sale money, the amount will be contributed towards HIV/AIDs research and relief efforts. It is one of the interesting looking iPhone product ever built in a long time.

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According to the users, the new device has brought relief from the gray, white, and gold colors.

Apart from new colors, the features and capabilities of the iPhone 7 are same as old one, but the red one is more expensive and is available in 128 GB and 256 GB models. However, there is no option to buy 64 GB version.

So if you want to pre-book the phone and visit the Apple store website, then you will be greeted with a message saying

“We have got something special in store for you.”

It means it requests you to check the website after some time. However, it does not explicitly states that what is coming but the red iPhone and red iPad products are scheduled to go on sale today, and their news is confirmed.

The store will be available online at 8:01 AM Pacific Time— 11.01 AM Eastern Time and 3:01 PM in the UK.

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