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Pakistan is launching AIR SAFARI to attract tourists

Faryal Nadeem Mar 21, 2017
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Islamabad—The Pakistan Tourism development Corporation is also planning to develop a helipad at the Rawal Lake for launching the Air Safari in Islamabad. The place will provide an exceptional viewpoint. The Managing Director Abdul Ghafoor Khan has expressed that Pakistan is the top tourist’s destination in the world because it owns one of the best places which are blessed with natural beauty.

He also revealed that PTDC is considering to participate the international tourism and travel exhibitions in collaboration with provincial tourism organization, hoteliers, tour operators, and airlines. This will help to create awareness and will undoubtedly increase the influx of tourist in the country.

Khan told the media that special measures are taken to increase the number of rooms in the PTDC motels. Manufacturers have been contacted to introduce prefabricated structures, and soon new room will be added to Ayubia, Naran and other motels.

From the last year, the tourism business has been increased to 40%, and the flow of tourists has been increased during the current season. Ghafoor told that PTDC motels in northern areas and Murree are earning well because of the domestic tourism across the country. He said that the trend of the tourism industry is analyzed at the end of every season.

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