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Pakistan among 23 most powerful nations in the world

Amna Ansar Mar 18, 2017
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US News and World Report have revealed its latest edition of ‘Best Countries’ in the world study. During the study, they evaluated 80 countries and evaluate the citizenship, quality of life, power and cultural history.

Over 21,000 business leader, cities and their residents were surveyed during the study to perceive how politically and economically influential the country is.

Officials cleared that: “May be the countries among top 23 most powerful countries of the world are not liked but they are the one who constantly dominates the news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape economic forecasts.”

In the list, US is at the top following with Russia and China. Pakistan is at 20th number.

Other countries on the list are United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, India, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, and Qatar.

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