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Sindh to start registration of new born through mobile phones

Amna Ansar Mar 16, 2017
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Birth registration is the most important and necessary step for children of Pakistan. In Sindh, a new birth registration program has been launched. Now in Sindh, one can easily register its new born while sitting at home on his mobile phone.

The project is implemented in the district of Sujawal by local government and HTP department, Health Department and Schools Education Department, Sindh Government in collaboration with Plan International Pakistan.

The aim of the Digital birth registration is to ensure maximum registration of infants in Sindh. The project will strengthen the civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) system in which the birth registration rate will enhance up to 80% in Sindh.

If the project would be achieved nationally it would replace the costly census process in the country.

Through this project lady, health workers will take the information of all new births through the mobile phone. The data taken by lady health visitors will be stored after validation at a central location.

During the ceremony, the Minister for local government and HTP Department, Jam Khan Shoro said “The government is trying to ensure the accessibility of birth registration services to a maximum number of people. The new digital birth registration system will remove all the hurdles in the existing system. The system will provide the government with key statistics for important policy decisions.”

“The system further ensures child’s right to education, health and protection from violence,” Imran Yusuf Shami, acting country Director,

During the ceremony, the manager of the project, Zahid Jalbani briefed participants of meeting about the project. He also told that Sindh is the province where least number of people registers their new born.

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