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Triple H’s shocking response to Pakistani groom’s imitation of his entrance

Amna Ansar Mar 08, 2017
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News about Pakistani groom imitating triple H’s entrance got viral on social media. WWE superstar Triple H himself tweeted a response to it.

The groom gave the impression of Triple H and made the entrance at his wedding by walking down the red carpet with Heavyweight championship belt holding on his shoulder, walking among the audience with “it’s time to play the game” song playing in the background.

The video of groom went viral on social media and seek the attention of magazines and news websites.

This is a really act that a Pakistani go to such an extent just to celebrate his favorite wrestler. It is a very common practice among youngsters of Pakistan to idealize the wrestlers and watch them fighting.

In near future, it is assumed that grooms may come up with more such themes for their big day after seeing this example.

Earlier a body builder from KPK claimed that he is world’s heaviest man and intended to fight in WWE right.

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